Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Winter for a racing cyclist always feels like 2 different seasons. Winter in the old year and winter in the new season, where all you race dreams will come true. So for me, while christmas can be a welcome break, training in December always feels like your working towards something far away. 2010 another winter wonderland for sledger's and snowman builders; was hard if you ride.

While there are some hard riders who believe your not training if your not suffering, it's important to consider the benefits that a warm cup of coffee. 1, you get to talk to people you train with in a 30 min coffee break more than a 3 hour ride. 2, You get some caffeine for the hardest part of the ride making you burn some fat that you would have been too tired to burn. 3 It gives normal people having coffee something to stare at.  4, your a cyclist, you are supposed to drink coffee ;o)

Well now we are in 2011, so it's the same year we will be racing in Yippee!  but.. I'll still be having coffee ;o)

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