Thursday, January 13, 2011

Broken Left Hip for racing cyclist - the start of more sports science

Sunday the 9th of January 2011, what a nice morning. after some horrible grey days, Sunday was brighter. I had a rest week after the last training block as it felt right. the quality of training was good and my level 2 watts at 141 heart rate were between 235 and 240 in tests done for nine minute sets on the A4.

Its always the times that things are going well you should be wary. so on Sunday after waiting  a little later to leave to meet Ian and Paul and a group, riding to Binfield cross. -  Disaster, at the Binfield roundabout the bike just went and down "bang on to the left hip. That brief moment and then you hear yourself shouting.

Experience from past events makes me react quickly . I dragged myself back out the road as far as I could to the kerb for fear of being run over. People turned up and asked me things, the reality of the pain kicks in, yes ambulance please, funny how i'm still polite while in great pain. I call the wife, Paul turns up, I called Ian he turned up. Paramedics who were great as ever. I knew the hip or pelvis had gone, when it happens you just know.

If the paramedic is bright they know too, they usually are, mine were great. Other experience is , no matter how bad the pain, try to give the paramedic the information and facts, others may perceive you landed where you are for example. and don't move the effected area, I had a triangle bandage round my knees, to hold the thighs in line and blankets under my knees to not move from my final position. ( 24 hours later those same blankets were in the same place on the way to pre-theater )

Gas and Air - strange stuff - more more more and then all of a sudden wow. if your fit and train probably more effective.

Bike ok, well as a rule - yes, i was not so, the bike is probably ok, it's due back soon as mike has kindly looked after it for me.

Allergic to morphine? surely you couldn't be that unlucky could you.. Red tracking is the clue, this can be if the cannula leaks  but lumps as well are a sign. right so what do we give you now.. more gas?

into hospital, I had a choice, Frimley Park i said. They always did a good job with my dad, so that was it. In hospital a heart rate of 34 was a bit worrying for the team, from my usual 46.  Long time in A&E - x-rays  - And  that moment - The A&E senior is saying to me "yes you hip is broken, you'll be having an operation and a few screws in....

It seems like an hour before I speak back to him.. I ask a few pointless questions, "what If I crash again with screws in place was one.. classic.. He's probably thinking .. "well if your crash is with a guy driving a Humber what will it matter"... If you look at the picture on the right a few screws doesn't quite describe the 110mm fixing - Perhaps in future I should be sponsored by Surrey Fasteners...

So i'll be posting my experiences about how i get on getting back to training in the hope that others who suffer a similar accident will have some information. I'll try to keep some relevant comments and if I learn things that will help that too. I'll also write the usual ironic stuff as what's the point if your not having fun.

so this will do for now as I'm tired and need more drugs.. More soon, thanks for reading.

Roll on through and savor every mile even the rainy ones

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