Monday, January 24, 2011


Stationary - No I don't mean in the chair doing nothing I mean in my leg... they used stationary ...  I pasted the pick from today below left.

Today I went to see Sister Sheila; who in her bag keeps staple removers.. nice you're thinking.. YES FOR MY LEG!  "A surgeon throw a leg at me once she said"  not mine i hoped..

So it's 15 days since the op' and there have been positive changes. No more staples..  I am using one crutch, all day, the 2XU compression, has helped a lot with the swelling which is only now at the op' site on the leg.

It's now a tricky balance to ensure the bones knit, while limiting muscle loss and getting some flexibility back. The pain killers are down to a few ibuprofen a day which has consequences

There is some aching in the femur and further down by the knee on the inside of the leg. When you stop the pain killers you realise more about what other damage you have done and also very importantly where muscle weakness and over tightness and imbalance is taking effect. Think this is a good thing in all.

So what can I do?  Well I went out for lunch with my training buddies on Saturday, which was good, I can bend the left me more than 90 deg' ; lift the leg up into bed without holding the leg, stretch to the floor, some sit up's on a fit ball, (70) today which is more than some of the guys who train and don't have anything wrong...

I also looked at some mountain bike riding shorts that had padding protection on the hip. I wish I had thought of this before the accident, it's not like they are big balloon pant's but you can't help thinking, " if i was wearing these, would I be in the predicament?) I now don't have a choice, If I could recommend something for keeping your winter training gains, it might be a bit of protection. it would be good to think that this didn't happen often, but a quick look at this bike radar link  would show otherwise.. something to think about... if nothing else it hurts like F' when you go down like this!

so now I'm hoping to progress with some sensible core work, strength and stretching And It's time for building bikes ready to ride outside in march if all goes to plan :o). now the hard work begins

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