Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pull the Pin

So tour of Britain TT complete. A great day out in London and my only race this year. I managed to hold 312 watts for the lap and finished 45 seconds behind the slowest pro. Not great but given all going on not bad and it kept me riding. It was also the first outing for the Walser, which handles very well despite feeling like it was made of granite. After the finish the full Pro experience being run through the crowds by Team NetApp's Sandra Schmitz back to the team area was very cool, A great day out. when did you last warm up on a closed TT circuit with Team High Road ;o)

The following week I rode the Stoke on Trent stage of the Tour of Britain with Dave, very lumpy, windy rain, cramp, 87 miles will do that if you don't train, but again good to get a ride in. Did it rain or what..

Onto the big event On Saturday 1st October I had surgery to have the Dynamic Hip screw removed. I got to the hospital early, which wasn't needed as Richard my surgeon is a rugby fan and the England game was on, so just after the final whistle he pulled the pin. I have attached some shots of it. I had read warnings of being careful not to create stress fractures round the whole where the pin is removed.

I had decided not to have any cement in the wholes in the hip ( Calcium phosphate with strands) as I had read evidence that it affected the thermal properties of the hip joint in cyclists etc. It won't be needed if your careful and the surgeon was happy about that direction too.

I was up walking the same day on crutches and by the next day I noticed that when I lent forward I didn't have the discomfort in the left leg that I did when the pin was in.. mmm.. I thought maybe t's the drugs.. but now 4 days later still good. My leg actually feels stronger.. So some suspense while I wait to ride again. I'm told I can turbo when comfortable, and that at 3 months the wholes will have filled.

So I'm feeling like I have a chance of a new start with a back as it should be leg for next season. I can't wait for my first ride.

fingers crossed for a mild winter