Sunday, September 11, 2011

A long time for a short time

Been a long time; since I have blogged, many reasons, but thought it was time to write an update and tell you how the recovery has gone and what I was able to do at points in time. Also what i have found along the way they may help if you find yourself in the same position..

So the last time I updated was mid April. The end of April was hot, Do you remember hot and sunny.. I had managed to get my Sunday rides to around 70 miles, with my triathlon long distance buddies. Getting back from the ride the left thigh was a combination of dull pain and weakness when I lent forward to take shoes off etc., but I was getting stronger on the bike and 70 miles 3 weeks in a row is a good measure. After moving house, I did some riding in Cyprus and then had a break, riding once a week until late august.  from here I have been riding 3 times a week.

so from the break of the hip on Jan the 9th to riding 70 miles by mid april.

The leg muscles have taken a long time to get strength back and are not there yet. Power wise the mid range has been achievable but the higher peak powers have not been accessible. But there could be many reasons.

I have been given the opportunity to ride the tour of britain TT. For a measure of "could I get my power back after an injury of this type?; this will be an interesting test. A live on TV in front of millions test, but a test none the less.

At the moment the Dynamic Hip Screw is still in place. at times I can feel the screws in the thigh ache after a ride, The surgeon says this could be referred pain from the hip. Well on the 1st of October the DHS and pins are coming out, so about 4 months after that I might know more about that. There are pro's and cons to keeping or removing the pin and screws.

If I was to fall again the bone could shatter into pieces around the pin, removing the pin (DHS) can leave stress points which can occur round the hole until it is healed and this phase of recovery demands great care. Falling or too much stress during the 18 weeks after removal carries risks. bit I think it's worth trying to get back to "sans pin" no metal.

But before that a 10k TT in london and then the following week a 140k sportive.  is the link to the charity page for my Tour TT , every one has a charity they feel deserves something, cancer ones are important to me and if you have a mo to pop some pennies in it all helps and thank you if you do.

more to follow, won't be so long next time. Happy riding