Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Horror of it all

Some people have asked me " what is a dynamic hip screw?  So in an effort to find something to describe what it's about and being in I.T, - I  "off Shored" the making of Inserting a Dynamic hip screw. The link is Below left. I think I know why my leg hurts more than just my hip... WARNING the video is very detailed.. and the bit with the hammer and chisel..  yeah...  My fav' bit is when you can see the old black and decker chuck in the background. I think that's Tax deductible for tool hire, must ask the accountant..

So today I had my first big leg spasm.. It hurt like .. well it hurt.. strangely not doing anything , just sitting in a chair. So sitting in a chair is bad for you, get out and ride right now to save yourself from pain; best get a good 50 miles in to be safe ;o)

Yesterday there was a real crisis.. The Gaggia Baby broke.. ( It's an espresso machine heathen! ) It has undergone major surgery, but only a trickle.. the dangers of clotting are well documented and it's important in regular use to think about what goes in, how much it's used and how well it's maintained.. I'll update how further surgery goes Time for the hammer..

Also thanks for all the nice messages and people taking time to check out my injuries and pass back useful comments and information.

Time to go and do my physio exercises..

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