Thursday, January 19, 2012

So a nice few days with Team NetApp training in Mallorca , weather was good , around 16 deg breeze and holding my hand up to the sun you could feel the warmth. Riding along the beach road on Saturday, the feeling of the sun was welcome.

A bit of aching in the hip after 80 miles on Sunday was short lived and followed by 70 miles on Monday and 30 miles on Tuesday.

Mallorca is great for getting the miles in when the weather is good. In the hotel Team Katusha and team specialised womens team also liked the weather for the week too.  You can see the link top right to Katusha's new Canyon bikes link. A demonstration of big budget if I ever saw it. Clearly with the addition of new experienced German support, you should expect more impact this season.

There was a real David and Goliath feeling with our Team NetApp trucks and equipment parked next to Katusha, But I have a feeling Konig might let his legs do the talking at The Giro ditalia and great talent and hard work is something a big red truck won't help with.

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