Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'll be flying

WaitinG in airports.. Very boring, but it's what's after this bit that is good. I'm about to fly out to Mallorca to train with team Netapp as they have their second training camp and for me a great chance to get some warm miles in the sunshine and motivation. So since having the pin out of the hip in October I have been progressing steadily. I had to go back in for some scans and an MRI and that showed no interim fractures with a little issue on the ball joint to keep an eye on. You can still see the x ray image of where the pin was almost like a cork screw hole on the inside of the joint. I have had a few twinges after nothing for the first 10 weeks, but who knows why, as all the tissue re attaches and the scar tissue forms and stretches and the miles load back on I guess something's are bound to change. But overall much better with the pin out after 3 months I feel the left leg working more, I think your brain holds back sensing injury, but now changes. So hopefully I'll post some pics frOm Mallorca traing with the pro team and let's hope some normality returns Happy trails C

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